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We treat all aspects of foot care, including foot and ankle injuries, diseases, and nail disorders. We also specialize in treating patients with diabetes, children, and runners suffering from foot and/or heel pain.

We hope that this website will answer some of your initial questions, and provide useful tips for healthy foot care. However, the information provided should not be used in lieu of visiting a podiatrist for foot or ankle injuries or potential health problems.

We are currently accepting new patients and welcome you to our office.

Thanks for visiting our site. Feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Mark Friedman


Tina – Office Manager

Tina is the office manager of Albany Podiatry. Her strong customer service skills and billing expertise make her an invaluable member of our team. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and technology, and has had 4 years of managerial experience in dentistry prior to joining our office. After spending years on her feet as a hair stylist, Tina knows the value of supportive, comfortable footwear. With numerous pairs of Vionic shoes, she’s become our in-house expert! Tina spends her free time working out, trying new recipes, and enjoying the outdoors with her family.


Emily – Surgical Coordinator

Emily is our clinical team lead and surgical coordinator. With three years of previous podiatric experience, she jumped right in and couldn’t wait to help our patients. “I enjoy comforting people, making them feel better– and seeing their progress from start to finish.” She also appreciates that treating a variety of patients and conditions allows her to learn something new nearly every day. In her free time, Emily enjoys trivia and likes to play volleyball and flag football. She credits Sockwell compression socks with helping her stay active. “I wear them to work and during volleyball tournaments. My legs and feet feel more rested the next day.”


Tamika – Front Desk

Tamika joined Albany Podiatry as a receptionist in 2015. As a fluent Spanish speaker, she also serves as one of our translators. Tamika holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and has experience in human resources, education, litigation, and taxation. With a breadth of knowledge and love of meeting new people, Tamika has made a seamless foray into the medical field. One of her favorite aspects of the job is helping patients as they check out: “I love seeing how happy people are after their appointments.” In her free time, Tamika volunteers in the local Spanish community and enjoys art, drawing, and styling hair. She keeps her feet “comfy and cozy” with Sockwell relaxed-fit socks.


Eileen – Front Desk

Eileen joined Albany Podiatry as an administrative assistant after getting her associate’s degree from Bryant & Stratton College. Eileen had always been interested in the medical field and gained industry experience by interning her at the practice. As her internship drew to a close, we invited Eileen to become a part of our team. We’re glad she accepted– and so is she, “My favorite part of the job is getting to work with a great group of people.” Eileen has quickly become a fan of Dr.’s Remedy nail polish and Vionic shoes. As a parent of autistic twin boys, Eileen serves on the parent council at her sons’ school and volunteers with the Albany Autism Society. She also enjoys gardening, historical fiction, and traveling to new places throughout the northeast.


Melissa – Front Desk

Melissa joined Albany Podiatry as a medical receptionist in 2019. Does she look familiar? With nearly 15 years of experience in the capital region, she might have helped you in another medical setting! Melissa with all of her experience, has jumped in with both feet and quickly gained industry and insurance knowledge. Melissa feels calm and confident at our hectic “control center.” In her free time, Melissa enjoys bowling with her kids and reading.


Brittni – Front Desk

Brittni joined Albany Podiatry as a medical receptionist in 2019. She comes to us with 6 years of private-practice experience in the capital region. Brittni thrives in a fast-paced environment and feels right at home in our busy office. Her bubbly, warm personality helps patients feel welcome, which is undoubtedly her favorite part of the job. Brittni also likes that her position at the “hub” of the office is quickly expanding her podiatry and insurance knowledge. An avid Boston Celtics fan, Brittni also enjoys hiking, biking, and doing puzzles with her family in her free time.


Cindy – Nursing Assistant

Cindy joined Albany Podiatry in 2016 as a medical assistant. She had previously worked with the elder community as a nursing assistant and wanted to continue that work while increasing her knowledge. “I enjoy learning from our doctors and connecting with patients – especially when they find relief from pain or an issue they are having. They leave the office happy, and it’s rewarding to know I played a part in that!” When she’s not at work, you can find Cindy volunteering in the local Spanish community or road tripping with her husband.


Makayla – Medical Assistant

Makayla joined Albany Podiatry as a medical assistant in 2017. She has always had an interest in the medical field and likes assisting the doctors and learning about new treatment options. Makayla’s love of learning recently prompted her to attend a training on Quadrasteps orthotic inserts. She enjoys educating patients on treatment options, including Laser therapy, Shockwave therapy, and Clearanail, and hearing their feedback. “I love that patients return with positive results. They are so happy to get back to their regular activities.” When Makayla is not at work she enjoys biking, swimming, and boating.


Stephanie – Medical Assistant

Stephanie joined the Albany Podiatry team in 2018 as a medical assistant. She has a strong skill set and four years of experience in the medical field, but was new to podiatry. “Podiatry offers a lot of options to help patients feel better immediately. We’re able to treat the issue or relieve pain often in just one visit.” Stephanie has been especially impressed by the ability of strategic taping to relieve pain and increase comfort. She also recommends the equinis brace; when worn an hour a day, patients with heel pain and shortened calf muscles can feel immediate improvement. When she’s not at work, Stephanie enjoys playing tennis and walking in nature.


Arleen – Treatment Specialist

Arleen is our treatment specialist. She joined the Albany Podiatry team after relocating to the capital region from New Jersey in 2018. Arleen has experience with both patients and shoes; prior to working at Albany Podiatry she was a physical therapy assistant and a sales associate at a shoe store. Arleen’s sweet, calming nature helps put patients at ease during appointments. Her favorite treatment is laser therapy. “Post-operative care, wound healing, chronic pain, and acute pain … The transformation is incredible! Some patients walk without assistance after only a couple of treatments.” Arleen enjoys volunteering in her new community and is loving upstate New York.


Meagan – Billing

Meagan first joined Albany Podiatry in 2016 as an intern while enrolled at Bryant and Stratton. After graduating a few months later, she became a permanent part of the team. Meagan handles the medical billing, so you probably won’t see her, but rest assured that she is working hard on your behalf! With an eye for detail and unyielding pursuit of insurance claims, Meagan enjoys the satisfaction of helping others feel better from behind the scenes. Of all the products we carry, Meagan’s favorite is the compression socks. “They worked wonders on my swollen feet and legs during pregnancy. I wore them every day!” When she is not working, Meagan likes hiking, kayaking, and fishing with her family.


Sherrie – Medical Transcription

Sherrie joined Albany Podiatry in 2015 as a medical transcriptionist. With over 25 years of experience, she quickly became an indispensable member of the team. Sherrie has also spent the past 16 years learning the Russian language. Her assistance as an interpreter has been helpful for numerous patients. As a transcriptionist, Sherrie typically works behind the scenes, but that doesn’t make her days less hectic: she’s charged with the task of meticulously recording every detail of each appointment! Sherrie enjoys working with the Albany Podiatry staff and thrives in our fast-paced environment. Sherrie spends her free time at the beach, cooking with her husband, and furthering her knowledge of the Russian language– which she uses during her community service work.


Terry – Medical Transcription

If you’re a longtime patient, you might recognize Terry. She was with Albany Podiatry for 11 years before relocating to Florida. We’re so glad Terry moved back to the capital region in 2018 and rejoined our team as a medical transcriptionist! Prior to her career in podiatry, Terry was an aeromedical evacuation technician in the Unites States Air Force and a paramedic. Years of experience in stressful medical situations helps Terry support patients in our fast-paced office. Her knowledge and experience has been helpful to her family, too– her kids have experienced reduced knee and foot pain since wearing our custom orthotic inserts in their cleats. In her free time, Terry enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and being a “baseball mom.”