KeryFlex Cosmetic Nail Restoration

Here at Albany Podiatry, we are proud to be the most experienced KeryFlex provider in the capital district. Albany Podiatry offers an innovative technology that improves the appearance of nails damaged by fungus or other conditions. In as little as 30 minutes, polymer resins and activators create a natural-looking nail in place of the damaged nail.

Why Is KeryFlex Superior to the Typical Pedicure Products? 

  • Flexibility provides superior durability: Keryflex is designed to flex with the movement of the toes, minimizing lifting and further trauma to the natural nail.
  • Non-porous material prohibits bacterial growth: Keryflex resin does not allow moisture to permeate and get between the natural nail and prosthetic nail.
  • Antifungal Ingredient Built-in: Keryflex is formulated with Piroctone Olamine to help inhibit the growth of existing fungal infections. It can also be used in conjunction with oral or topical antifungals.
  • Acid-free polymer has no adverse effects: Keryflex will not irritate the nail bed or surrounding skin the way acid-containing salon systems can.
  • In-office application by medical professionals: A safe and sanitary setting does not allow for cross-contamination the way salons might.

Some people develop toenail fungus and other conditions that cause the nail to lose its natural appearance. While medicines and lasers will treat the fungus, these modalities may take some time to be effective.

Our doctors will evaluate your condition and use a Dremel to prepare the damaged nail. Our highly-trained technicians shape KeryFlex to the nail bed and cure the resin with a special frequency of ultraviolet light. The result is durable, flexible, and can withstand both nail polish and nail polish remover.

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System is ideal for athletes, fungal nails, damaged nails, brittle & splitting nails, discolored nails, laser patients, and nail shape changes due to injury and trauma.

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